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MAXIMUM HEALTH INTERNATIONAL is a registered Establishment with Federal Government of Nigeria and made up of a team of professional consultants dedicated to an honest, effective, and real-life approach towards total health.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality natural products that will enable everyone attain maximum health and to provide the best proven career opportunity that will make people enjoy the best of life!

Year after year, MAXIMUM HEALTH INTERNATIONAL has offered smart solutions in leading-edge products that are safe, effective, and easy on the environment. We provide a dependable supply of products that are a good value for the money.

Reflecting a long-term commitment to health and prosperity, our product line is the key to our large database of satisfied clients/customers.

We have been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade helping people establish nutritional requirements for healthy living so that they can feel better, look better and live better at any age!

We strive to bring you the most effective remedies to resolve any health problems in the simplest holistic approach possible.

We aim to treat the actual root causes of health problems holistically rather than supply remedies that will give temporary or partial relief from only the symptoms.

As we uncover more fundamental truths about the causes, and therefore the relief of diseases and health problems, we update and revise our product range and recommendations.

The healing power of the correct nutritional supplements is exceptional, and if understood and pursued with diligence can, in the vast majority of cases, result in significant improvement to health, and often the elimination of disease.

Even with the best possible diet, the use of correct nutritional supplements is still extremely important for achieving optimum health.

The body needs many nutrients to function efficiently and repair properly. Without these nutrients we can get sick, have low energy, suffer stress more easily and eventually can develop chronic health disorders including all of the life threatening diseases and the diseases of old age.

We offer training on various aspects of health challenges by providing relevant skills and knowledge towards the discovery of the underlying cause of such health challenges and most importantly, recommending appropriate changes that will help to re-establish and maintain healthy and beautiful living!

After coordinated and extensive research of the natural products market we picked the NEOLIFE Products for their quality and age-long recognition in pioneering efforts in the development of first class products that worked!

Hence, we have partnered with NEOLIFE in the distribution and sales of their products in the following categories and other services shown below.

We are always available to offer and share our years of experience that can provide value to people.


Natural Solutions For Health And Wellness

• Cellular nutrition for energy, wellness and vitality! • Immune-boosting nutrients from fruits and vegetables with overall immune function by 37% in just 20 days! • Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood for long-term cellular protection against free radical damages! • Promotes Healthy Heart, Flexible Joints And Sharp Mind! • Power of NEOLIFE protein for long-lasting energy, growth and development naturally! • Promotes regularity and digestive balance for comfort and cleansing! • Children Nutrition – great tasting nutrition to bring out the best in your smart and active kids!

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Super Gro For Crops Production

• Improves crop yield by as much as 167%! • Helps the crops/plants to be greener and healthier looking by ensuring that more water reaches the roots of the plant and stays there; hence optimizing plant growth in less time! • Improves the rate at which water penetrates the soil and stimulates growth! • Versatile and multi-purpose. It can be applied on any plant/crop under any climatic condition! • Compatible and thus improves the performance of agricultural aids! • Safe and easy to use; non-toxic and contains no abrasive or hazardous ingredients! • Boosts the lifestyle of farmers by increasing their annual income by over 100%!

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Home And Environment Cleaning Product

• Healthy Home Care – For a cleaner Home and a cleaner Planet! • Powerful enough to protect against bacteria and parasites yet gentle enough to cause no harm! • Eco-friendly cleaning product – 100% biodegradable with no toxic fumes and harsh chemicals! • Versatile – Multi-purpose cleaners with low-dose, low-burden cleaning technology! • Economical – concentrated so you buy less, spend less, less use and clean more completely! • Home and Environment Care!

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Medicinal Herbs For Natural Healing

• Soothes away stress! • Energizes and promotes wellness and digestive comfort! • Optimizes mental performance – for enhanced memory, focused concentration clear thinking and prompt recall! • Helps calm your body, quiet your mind and renew positive outlook so that you can rest with ease! • For women looking to restore a sense of harmony and well-being every day of the month! • Helps men regain renewed energy, performance and physical vitality. • Keeps lungs clear for easy breathing!

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How To Lose Weight Fast

• GR2 Control is a scientifically developed weight loss programme based on controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby promoting abundant energy and satiety as you achieve your desired weight! • Based on years of scientific research, clinically tested and proven! • Results you will see and feel! • The final weight loss programme you will ever need! • Promotes fat burning and minimize fat storage! • Healthy diets to lose weight! • Controls Appetite – No Hunger and Cravings! • Don’t feel hungry – feel GREAT! • Losing weight in Healthy Lifestyle! • Fastest way to lose weight!

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New Wealth and Abundance!

What if you could sit down and talk for an hour about your financial future with a world-famous economist, college professor, Presidential economic advisor and New York Times bestselling author; a man who walked his talk, earning his first million before the age of 26 and his first $10 million before 30? Today we are poised for an economic growth, like a gushing stream, that will far exceed the explosion of the 1990s, and those entering this growth industry are perfectly positioned to benefit from the boom ahead! This FREE video shows you why a vast amount of new wealth is about to be created - and how you can be a part of it!

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