Cellular Nutrition – We Are Only As Healthy As Our Cells

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The human body is made up of trillions of “building blocks” called cells, each of which is fully able to perform all the processes that define life – respiration, energy production, movement, digestion, elimination, reproduction, etc.

Just as the foundation of health is only as strong as its building blocks, we are only as healthy (or unhealthy) as our cells!

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cellular nutrition Vigilant Gatekeepers: Membranes Control What Gets In And Out Of The Cells

Cells are like miniature bodies in that they need to take in nutrients and eliminate wastes in order to stay healthy. Luckily, each cell is surrounded by a membrane which acts as a vigilant gatekeeper.

Only those nutrients needed by the cell at a given moment are allowed to enter, and only waste material and metabolic products are allowed to leave.

Maintaining this selective, discretionary power is crucial to cellular health and vitality. Cells that cannot properly assimilate nutrients or eliminate wastes could be respectively described as “starved” or “constipated”!

When such conditions exist, cells may become toxic and “sluggish” instead of healthy and vital. Sluggish cells are unable to efficiently produce energy for life or perform their other specialized jobs.

Lipids, sterols, amino acids, and other nutrients can help your cells maintain the discretionary power so important to their health. And if your cells “feel better,” so will you!


neolife provitalityNEOLIFE Supplements Are Aimed At Cellular Nutrition

At NEOLIFE, we have an intimate understanding of the complex workings of cells, and since 1958 we have used that knowledge to create dietary supplements that are aimed at cellular nutrition.

By supplying essential links in the “Chain of Life” and by fully addressing each of the “Six Stages of Nutrition,” our products have established the global “gold standard” for cellular nutrition.

Based in Nature and backed by Science, NEOLIFE supplements provide comprehensive nutritional support.

Our goal? We want to help your cells become the finest building blocks possible. If we succeed, your foundation for optimal health will be strong.


cellular nutritionThe Six Stages Of Nutrition

Do You Know The Difference Between Diet And Nutrition?

When we hear the word nutrition, we often think of healthy foods. But healthy foods are really part of the diet. Individual cells can only benefit from good nutrition if the foods in the diet are broken down into building blocks small enough to absorb.

These nutritional building blocks must then be distributed throughout the body, absorbed by cells, and metabolized, with crucial nutrients assimilated into the cellular machinery and waste products eliminated. In other words, diet is what we eat, but nutrition is what our cells and tissues actually receive.

NEOLIFE’s Scientific Advisory Board understands this distinction well. Nutrients pass through six separate and distinct stages as our body works to support nutrition in each cell.

Each of these stages must operate efficiently to attain optimum nutrition for the entire body. Even a slight breakdown in one of the stages could reduce our chances for optimal health.

With this in mind, NEOLIFE’s Scientific Advisory Board formulates each GNLD nutritional supplement to support one or more of these vital stages so cells may receive the balanced nutrition they need.neolife sab



A good diet is the first step to ensuring our bodies receive the proper balance of nutrients necessary for optimal health. Diet consists of all the foods, liquids, and supplements that we consume daily.

Our diets sometimes fall short of the nutritional ideal. The goal of NEOLIFE’s nutritional supplement programme is to improve the overall quality of the diet so that the basic nutrients important for good health are available in abundance and in balance every day. Supplementation can go a long way towards filling dietary “gaps.”



Digestion begins with chewing and includes the action of acids and enzymes. It is the process by which complex foods are broken down into simple substances that the body can use for energy and support of cells and tissues. For instance, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates are broken into fatty acid, amino acid, and simple sugar building blocks, respectively.

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Each NEOLIFE product is formulated for easy and complete digestion. Specific ingredients, such as enzymes or nutrients that improve digestion, are included in our products. Additionally, our tableting technologies assure rapid disintegration and dissolution, making tablet digestion easier.

NEOLIFE has also formulated a line of digestive supplements to support efficient digestion naturally and to avoid or relieve the discomfort that can accompany incomplete digestion.



Absorption is the process by which the products of digestion – simple sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. – pass through the lining of the intestinal wall and are taken directly into the body’s circulatory system. While most nutrients are taken directly into the bloodstream, lipids and lipid-soluble nutrients take a less direct path to the circulatory system. These nutrients are first absorbed into the circulation via the lymphatic system.

Each NEOLIFE product is formulated for easy absorption, providing essential nutrients to the bloodstream where they are then carried to all the cells of the body.



Transporting the absorbed nutrients to each cell of the body is the role of the circulatory system. We may be eating properly, digesting properly and absorbing nutrients properly, but if our circulation is impaired, nutrients may not reach their cellular destinations.

NEOLIFE’s Scientific Advisory Board recognizes the crucial role the blood and circulatory system play in assuring cells receive good nutrition. They have formulated NEOLIFE nutritional supplements to support optimal functioning of the body’s lifeline to health.



Assimilation is the delicate process by which nutrients are passed through the membranes which surround each living cell. For the body’s cells to grow, repair, and rebuild themselves, proper assimilation is essential. For this process to take place, cells – especially their membranes – must be healthy. Many scientists believe that aging of organs and tissues occurs when cells deteriorate faster than the body can repair them. Proper assimilation of nutrients is essential for cellular repair.

NEOLIFE incorporates vital lipids and sterols into its formulations to support the cells’ ability to assimilate nutrients. The familiar phrase “you are what you eat” can be more properly restated as “you are what your cells actually assimilate.”



The final stage of nutrition is the efficient elimination of wastes from the body. Elimination begins at the cellular level and is completed through many other metabolically-active areas such as the skin, kidneys, lungs, and colon. It is essential that wastes are completely and regularly eliminated from the body.

NEOLIFE products have been formulated to help the cells and the body eliminate wastes efficiently and naturally.

Just as all the nutrients used by the body are utilized in combinations, the Six Stages of Nutrition are interrelated. Each one influences the activities of the others.

Each NEOLIFE product is formulated to provide essential nutrients and optimal support of one or more of the vital Six Stages of Nutrition.



The Need For Supplementation

“Good food is the best medicine,” goes the saying. Yet it can be difficult to consume foods that provide the nutrient density and nutrient diversity we need each day for optimal health.

Either we make poor food choices, or we try to pick healthful foods, but nutrient losses during food harvest, processing, transportation, and preparation degrade its value and undermine our best efforts. Resulting nutritional “gaps” can impact health, both short-term and long-term.

Health and disease are not black-and-white states. Barring mishap, the usual situation is not that one day you’re perfectly healthy, and the next day you die. Over the course of several decades, our bodies can go from a state of vibrant health, to tiredness, to marginal nutritional deficiency, to disease and subsequent death.


Many Factors Determine Your Nutrient Needs

No two people are alike in their nutritional needs. Members of the same family, eating the same meals, will derive different benefits from the foods served. Our personal tastes dominate much of what we consume. While one person refuses to eat green vegetables, another will prefer foods heavy in fat, and yet another may consume only a very small amount of protein.

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Our individual metabolism also determines the benefits we derive from food. Age, sex, physical condition, and activity levels directly affect the body’s need for nutrients and its ability to use them.

Many scientists believe that these differences may play a large part in explaining why some people complain of feeling tired and sluggish while others remain vital and active.

lifestyleCertain aspects of your lifestyle can increase nutrient demands. For instance, physically active people may need more antioxidants than sedentary individuals. So, too, might people who are exposed to pollution on a daily basis, who consume foods laden with fat or chemical additives, or who are under mental stress.

Alcohol, medication, food additives, and water contaminants can also increase the need for certian nutrients. Smokers may benefit from more vitamin C, and coffee drinkers may want to take more B-vitamins.

Dieters, on the other hand, may need more vitamin E, as avoiding fat means missing out on some of the richest sources of this vitamin. And if they eat products made with “fake fats” such as olestra, they may need to supplement with vitamins A, D, E, K, and carotenoids, as artificial fats may hinder the body’s utilization of these lipid-soluble nutrients.


Two Goals Of Nutritional Supplementation

Supplementation can go a long way toward filling nutritional gaps created by suboptimal diets and impacting your quality of life. Nutritional supplementation has two goals:

  1. Providing nutrients in amounts sufficient to prevent or correct deficiency symptoms.
  2. Providing nutrients in amounts necessary for supporting optimal health.

In other words, supplementation can give your body what it needs to survive and thrive!


The RDA To Survive: Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the amount of a vitamin or mineral necessary to prevent the appearance of deficiency symptoms in healthy people. Nutrient deficiencies may cause cells to slow their various critical activities until they either receive proper nutrition or die. As cells decline or die, various tissues and organs slowly begin to degenerate.

When we consume fewer nutrients than our bodies need, supplements can help fill immediate gaps, such as the greater demand for nutrients during physical activity. Or, taken over time, supplements can correct deficiencies.

But just as the symptoms of long-term deficiency do not appear overnight, nor can they be corrected immediately. It can take weeks or even months before the full benefits of supplementation are achieved.

Dietary gaps have definite health consequences. Some consequences are unalterable – for example, birth defects resulting from insufficient intake of folic acid during pregnancy.healthy pregnancy

Others create conditions which may or may not be corrected, which can significantly impact the quality of life. Even deficiencies of substances which have no established RDAs, such as omega-3 fatty acids and bioactive phytonutrients (plant nutrients that have activity in the body), may tip the body’s balance away from health and toward disease.NEOLIFE - Omega-3 (100)

For most people, just consuming the RDA is a challenge. As we have seen, suboptimal intakes are not rare; they’re very common. And certain populations are particularly at risk for nutritional deficiencies – women (especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding), the elderly, children (especially those from low-income families), high school and college students, smokers, dieters, etc.

NEOLIFE - Vitamin C Sustained ReleaseCompounding the problem, the current RDAs may be too low for many nutrients. For instance, scientists once thought people needed only 60 mg of vitamin C to prevent any signs of deficiency, but new data provides strong evidence to support raising the RDA to 200 mg.

In 1996, RDAs were approved for six nutrients: vitamin K, selenium, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, and chloride. Research had shown benefits for these nutrients long before the government designated their RDAs.


 The ODI To Thrive: Beyond Deficiency And Toward Optimal Health

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While deficiency symptoms can be corrected by supplying the scarce nutrients, many scientists believe that optimal health results when certain nutrients are consumed in amounts exceeding the RDA.

According to Nobel laureate Linus Pauling: “The RDA for a vitamin is not the allowance that leads to the best health for most people. It is, instead, only the estimated amount that for most people would prevent death or serious illness from overt vitamin deficiency. Values of the daily intake of the various vitamins that lead to the best health for most people may well be several times as great, for the various vitamins, as the values of the RDA.”

The concept of the RDA may be outdated. A new concept, one that NEOLIFE scientists pioneered in the 1970s, has been gaining wide acceptance in the scientific community: The idea is to consume nutrients at levels which a consensus of scientific studies have shown promote optimal health and vitality. That level of intake is referred to as the Optimal Daily Intake (ODI). For many nutrients, the ODI is much greater than the RDA.

For millions of people, greater-than-RDA nutrient intake may significantly enhance the quality of life. Several studies indicate that not only does calcium at greater-than-RDA levels prevent osteoporosis (thinning of the bones); it also helps rebuild bone, especially in conjunction with estrogen-replacement therapy and weight-bearing exercise.

Similarly, strong scientific support shows that greater-than-RDA amounts of vitamin E, the major lipid-soluble antioxidant in all cellular membranes, and carotenoids, healthful phytonutrients for which no RDA has yet been established, enhance immune function and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

NEOLIFE - Formula IV Plus 60 SachetsLikewise, at levels twice the RDA, folic acid, a B-vitamin, has been shown to help clear the blood of homocysteine, a natural metabolic byproduct that damages arteries when it accumulates.

In addition, essential omega-3 fatty acids, which have no RDA, have been shown to be necessary for optimal function of brains and eyes in infants.

And research indicates that vitamins C and E and selenium, probably through their function as antioxidants, may promote optimal health when consumed in amounts greater than the RDA.

The exceptions are vitamins A and D, which should not be consumed in greater-than-RDA amounts, as these vitamins can be toxic at high levels.


Greater-Than-RDA Nutrient Intakes May Promote Optimal Health

As scientists continue to suggest optimal nutrient intakes, the gap between ideal and actual intakes will widen. In many cases the ODI will be several times the current RDA, and the only possible means of attaining those levels will be supplements.

Vitamin E is a classic example: Numerous studies show that the RDA of 30 I.U. is too low to defend the body from oxidants and other free radicals or to provide the maximum health benefit.

Many scientists now believe the Optimal Daily Intake for vitamin E is likely in the range of 100-600 I.U. per day for healthy people.NEOLIFE - Vitamin E 200 IU

It is nearly impossible to get this amount of vitamin E just from the foods you eat! Even from the richest vitamin E sources, just to get the RDA (30 I.U.) you’d have to eat:

cellular nutrition

Besides being nutrient-dense, a healthy diet is also nutrient-diverse. In vitamin E, you want more than just alpha-tocopherol; you want the eight different bioactive tocopherols and tocotrienols found in vitamin E-rich food.

Rather than just beta-carotene, you would want the diverse benefits of the other 50 to 60 carotenoid “family members” existing in the food supply.

The same is true with flavonoids, cruciferous compounds, and other healthful nutrients: When it comes to the diet, variety is better for you than the same old things you’re used to.

Virtually everyone can benefit from supplementation, which can help provide the nutrient density and diversity shown to support optimal health.

If you’re going to take supplements to take charge of your health, NEOLIFE’s supplements are simply the best!

Based in Nature and backed by Science since 1958, NEOLIFE supplements are a world-renowned “gold standard” for nutritional excellence!

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