NEOLIFE – Masculine Herbal Complex 60 Tablets

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NEOLIFE Masculine Herbal Complex – Helps men regain renewed energy and physical vitality. Supports masculine vitality and healthy prostate function. Ingredients to improve physical vitality and libido.

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Though you may be healthy in all other respects, imbalances or disruptions of natural male functions can occur and undermine feelings of wellness and male vitality. For centuries, master herbalists have known that men have unique needs, and that certain herbs work to balance and support normal masculine function and improve wellness and vitality.

Comprehensive formula. Our unique “complete family” approach to the formula provides broad, synergistic effects of the herbal constituents, which optimise their ability to promote vital male balance. Herbs are selected from many global traditions, bringing you the best herbal knowledge from around the world.

Contains St. John’s Wort and Skullcap which help support calmness, relieve low mood and support positive mental attitude.

Contains Damiana for boosting vitality.

Guaranteed purity, potency and consistency.

100% pure herbal ingredients.

Herbal formula contains no chemical or animal products.