NEOLIFE – Super 10 Fragranced – 5 Litre

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NEOLIFE Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner – Effective on every tough job from removing stubborn fabric stains to cleaning garage floors.Industrial strength that’s harmless to any surface where it’s safe to use water.Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way!

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With so many tough cleaning chores around the house it’s no wonder the cleaning cupboard is jammed full. But instead of a different cleaner for every job, the economy and convenience of a single effective product for most household cleaning needs is a desirable and practical solution.

To protect and preserve the environment, more and more people today also prefer cleaners with biodegradable ingredients.

Super 10 is a multi-purpose concentrate that does the job of a cupboard full of ordinary cleaners and does it more effectively.
Diluted 1:3 makes 4 litres of extra heavy duty cleaner. Use to degrease car engines, clean car parts, tools, ovens, grills, aluminium doors, window frames, chrome, blood stains and scuff marks.
Diluted 1:10 makes 11 litres of heavy duty cleaner. Cleans tile grouting, floors (all surfaces) carpets, upholstery and fabrics, ink spots, lipstick marks, clothing stains, spot cleaning for dry cleanables (distilled water), brushes and combs.
Diluted 1:20 makes 21 litres of light duty cleaner. Removes smudges and fingerprints and cleans wall switches, mirrors, windows and windscreens.
Available in fragranced and non-fragranced variants.

Versatile and economical: one product is useful in literally every room of the house. Effective on every job from removing stubborn fabric stains to cleaning garage floors.
Quickly penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies for a fraction of what you have been spending on other products.
Safe to use on any surface where it’s safe to use water. Non-ionic surfactants ‘make water wetter’ by contributing to the penetration and emulsification of soils.
Concentrated product: a little goes a long way.
Environmentally safe: biodegradable.