NEOLIFE – Multi-Mineral + Alfalfa – 60 Tablets

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Multi-Mineral + Alfalfa represents a unique and exceptionally effective means of providing the body with mineral supplementation from the best possible and most efficient sources. This formula was developed to ensure that desirable minerals are not only provided to the body, but provided in balanced ratios for optimum assimilation and mutual benefit and support.

  • Finest natural deep-rooted alfalfa plants
  • The natural vegetable base material is selected to provide minerals to the body as they actually exist in their vegetable form
  • Broad spectrum – provides macro, micro and trace minerals in one product
  • Natural sea-vegetation base – provides mineral potency format as found in nature

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Diet is the only source of minerals for the body. Although only relatively small amounts of minerals are required they are absolutely essential to normal mental and physical functioning. Many mineral functions are interrelated with those of vitamins although mineral deficiencies appear to be more common than vitamin deficiencies. A blend of macro, micro and trace minerals with Alfalfa, a particularly nutrient rich plant and one of the most complete in our food chain, provides broad spectrum mineral content in forms drawn directly from nature.

Alfalfa is high in the eight essential amino acids, calcium, trace minerals, beta carotene, vitamins E, K, C and the B vitamins. When combined with other food factors such as Watercress, Irish moss, Parsley, Kelp and Chlorophyll as well as dietarily significant amounts of macro, micro and trace minerals, those individuals concerned about the mineral content of their diet, could find broad spectrum mineral supplementation in one product.
Broad spectrum formulation containing macro, micro and trace minerals.
Custom Trace Mineral Blend: containing Atlantic kelp, watercress, parsley, chlorophyll and Irish moss for broad spectrum mineral availability.
Alfalfa is grown without pesticides and is field ripened.
Alfalfa is air-dried: 
low temperature natural drying protects nutrient value.