NEOLIFE – Vitamin A & D – 100 Capsules

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NEOLIFE Vitamin A & D – Derived from the finest cod harvested from the North Atlantic, rich in vitamins A & D & free of contamination Vitamin A supports normal vision, reproductive functions & immune system.Vitamin D is needed for strong bones, immunity.

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Vitamin A is well known for the maintenance of good vision and healthy skin, hair and nails while Vitamin D helps the body utilise calcium necessary for the normal development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

This fish liver oil base is fortified with ergocalciferol, a stable, high potency Vitamin D source. It is also blended with high purity soya bean oil, making it a must for modern nutrition. Available in an easy-to-take soft gelatine capsule. Each capsule provides 4750 IU’s Vitamin A and 400 IU’s Vitamin D.

100% premium cod liver oil from fish of the glacial fed Northern Atlantic waters.
No unpleasant taste or odour, soft gelatin capsule protects potency and makes product easy to swallow.