NEOLIFE – Vitamin B Co. (Sus. Rel.) 60 Tablets

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NEOLIFE Vitamin B Complex Sustained Release – B vitamins for sustained energy and an efficient metabolism.Promotes the active conversion of all food into energy and assists in synthesis and re energizing of cells and tissues throughout the body.

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The various B vitamins are important for general well-being and are essential for many body functions. Vitamins of the B complex group are important co-factors in the metabolism of the food we eat, help maintain healthy nerve function, are involved in the manufacture of red blood cells and contribute to healthy skin and hair.

B vitamins are water soluble and are not stored, so the body needs a daily supply. Processed food that has been refined, canned or overcooked will have some or most of it’s B vitamins destroyed.

A complete B Complex supplement containing all 11 factors in balanced ratios as they occur in nature. To avoid wastage of nutrients that are not immediately required, NEOLIFE has included Sustained Release technology to ensure a slow, monitored release of Vitamin B into the system.

Complete: Contains all 11 members of the essential vitamin B family and in addition supplies all the naturally occurring nutritional factors found in vitamin B rich foods.
Biologically bound yeast source for natural completeness.
Balanced natural ratios: avoids a high intake of one which may induce a deficiency in others.
Formula provides availability of high potency B vitamins.
Sustained release technology ensures a slow monitored release into the system for up to 6 hours.