NEOLIFE – Super Gro 5 Litre

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NEOLIFE Super Gro – Optimises water use by overcoming water repellancy, increasing the rate of soil penetration. Reduces run-off and evaporation. Compatible with agricultural aids and can improve the performance of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

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Healthy, green growing plants tend to create a feeling of warmth, pride and a general sense of well-being. In order for plants to survive, let alone flourish, they need water that penetrates right to the root system.

However, water has a natural tendency to form small beads on surfaces which prevents it from spreading evenly. This can result in substantial water loss due to run off and evaporation with very little soil penetration. Consequently more water is used, further taxing our limited resources.

Super Gro’s special formula reduces the natural surface tension of water. This results in making water wetter which:

  • promotes even and faster penetration of water through soil;
  • promotes penetration of agricultural aids such as fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides;
  • reduces water run-off and evaporation.

Directions for use:
Add 1ml Super Gro to 1 litre water. Suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor vegetation.

Surfactant system designed to make water wetter.
Optimizes water use by overcoming water repellancy, increasing rate of soil penetration and reducing run-off and evaporation.
Compatible with agricultural aids such as plant foods, liquid fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.
Highly concentrated and economical product: a little goes a very long way.